Co-Founder Scott French's Story


July 20, 2006 a day when most people would throw in the towel.  I woke up, it was, walked into the kitchen grabbed a Bud Light, poured a double shot of Jagermeister. I started my day off just like I had every day, for the past couple of years.  A couple of shots first thing in the morning always helped with the shakes. I jumped into the shower, cleaned myself up, and remembered praying and hoping that I would actually one day be able to be clean and sober. Feeling like death had gone on for too long. I toweled off, got dressed, and finished off the bag of cocaine I had. I snorted the last of it, three lines that I cut, and thought that possibly that was the last time.  


Over a decade of doing drugs and drinking everyday had taken a toll on me. I had acquired 4 DUI’s over 10 years, had many drunk in public offenses, and many violation of probations.  Many people thought I was life of the party. I worked in bars and many thought it was just part of the lifestyle.  After some failed long term relationships the drug use began to be more of a constant. Cocaine slowly turned into meth and crack, and then Oxycontin and heroin.  I was in a constant black out, many days I would stay up for days, suffering from sleep deprivation and drug use.  I couldn’t dream anymore, and my nightmares, and my life were all the same. I was sick and tired.


I walked out the door and headed to Fairfax County Courthouse in Va. Eluding Police, reckless driving, and another DUI, I faced. I pleaded guilty and got jail time.  I remember smiling, this was my chance. I was given an opportunity to forcibly be away from drugs and alcohol.  I could transform my life, incarceration is the only way I’ll get sober. I was put in Department of Corrections in Va.

I attended AA meetings while inside.  I read the Big Book, I held on to sayings like the Serenity Prayer, one day at a time, this too shall pass, and everything happens for a reason.  I gained weight, I felt better.  I realized that July 20, 2006 will be one of the greatest days of my life. The first day of living clean and sober. The detox was vicious and scary in a jail cell, but I survived.  After I was released back into the public, I went snowboarding in Jackson Hole, and I knew that this had to be part of my future. I had to get back into what I loved while growing up. Soon after that, I went surfing, with Eugene. It was some of the best waves I had surfed, at the time, and I remember thinking this is exactly what I need to do to survive.


It’s been close to 11 years since I’ve done drugs or had a drink.  I wish I could say once I quit  that life got easier.  It has definitely gotten better.  Still living with an addict lifestyle, I’ve gone from doing triathlons to doing Ironmans. Moving to Colorado to do some snowboarding one winter, to getting over 150 days on the mountain for 3 seasons in a row. Giving back and lending a sober hand has always been on my mind, as well as Eugene’s. We finally had some pieces of the puzzle that came together. As life goes on, many of my friends have lost the struggle to addiction.  With prescription drug addiction on the rise, heroin, and alcohol always being a problem for so many in the world today, I think its time we share our Sober and Stoked mindset with everyone!