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'Six Gifts' Trailer


The Movement Behind The Film

Beyond the film, lies a bigger mission for the team at Sober and Stoked.  All the proceeds from the Six Gifts movie will be used to launch the "Sober and Stoked" Non-profit, whose mission is to help equip halfway houses throughout the country with athletic gear, art supplies, instruments, and more, so that those new to recovery can have a chance to rediscover a lost passion, or finally discover their purpose!  

The Story Behind "Six Gifts"

After launching a crowdrunding campaign last year that helped us raise $6,000 towards our first film, we are super excited to release "6 Gifts" to the world!

The film is a look into the lives of 6 amazing people across all walks of life, and their battles with addiction and failure, to their recovery from it and triumphs! 

The film consists of 6 sections starring some truly remarkable people and athletes:

Surfing- Ben Gravy  Snowboarding- Scott French  Skiing- Rebecca Selig  Endurance Athletes- Chris Vargo  Yoga- Monica Lebansky  Crossfit- Melody Schofield

The movie is meant to inspire people currently suffering from addiction and those who are unable to find that missing piece to the puzzle to help finally get them sober. It is also meant for people who are already sober and feel like they need something else to get them motivated and out enjoying life, so they don’t fall back into previous traps and pitfalls.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have so many people that believe in what we are doing, and are grateful everyday for the kind words and support!

The Team Behind the Movie

Scotty and Eugene have been friends for 17 years, and have almost 25 years sober between them!  This movie has been a dream come true to give back to others that are currently suffering from addiction, or in the early stages of recovery.  They brought on talented photographer Nick Tribuno to tackle the project, and the release of the movie marks an end to a year of travel and editing, and the beginning of the next chapter of Sober and Stoked!

Scott French Co-Founder

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Eugene Stiltner Co-Founder

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Nick Tribuno, Director

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